Find The Best Place To Buy Cheap Ski Gear

Some sports are quite simply easy and cheap to participate in. Most just require the right type of ball.

Skiing on the other hand can require a large amount of equipment and for some a wardrobe change as they head from the dry slopes, to the ski slopes for real.

Ski sales and how to find cheap gear

If you attempt to go and buy this season’s latest equipment then you may not be able to actually afford the holiday itself. So here a load of handy tips, information and places to buy quality ski gear on the cheap.

Tip number 1: Don’t EVER buy full price. Brands will release their funky new range of skis and clothing for a premium. Buy straight of the bat at this price and you will feel stupid a month or two later when you see it for 50% off.
Where to start looking? Well you’re already here, the internet

Facebook: People live large parts of there lives through Facebook and that includes selling their gear. Have a search around for local ski centres and clubs groups and pages. There are bound to be people trying to sell a jacket, used for 1 holiday, and now they are scraping pennies for their next trip.
There is even a group called ‘Skibay‘ and is exclusively people selling snow gear.

Ski Blog of a skier living in his carHave a look at resort Facebook groups such as ‘The Valley Echo’, where seasonnaires are desperate to sell kit so they can pay rent and don’t end up livin
g it the back of a car. Ooops, their compulsive buying is your gain. Thank you, please.



Friends: If you have skiers in your friends list then throw out a status asking for anyone selling. It is more than likely someone will have a jacket going spare and there’s nothing like good old mates rates, a few quid and a beer will be cheaper than Snow and Rock.

Amazon, we all know its more than books and that includes ski gear. It has most of the big brands on there but also smaller companies who do not charge a premium for their label. If you don’t want second hand then this is a good starting point.

Lidl and Aldi have had a big rise in there food exploits and has enjoyed growing reputation. If you don’t care about the best quality and want value then stop by your local store this winter and see what they have too offer. It may not last for to long but it will certainly do for a couple of holidays before you realise you’re a natural born skier and decide to become the next Tanner Hall.

Ebay. You probably know this one. New and second hand gear on offer. Wile away your summer bidding on stuff you don’t really need, but if I can get those Armada Twintips for £5 then I may as well make a bid. Alright max £10, there Armada after all.

TK Maxx. A gem in many skiers wardrobe from jackets, pants, tall tees to helmets you can grab pretty high quality stuff for a good price. You can pickup some pretty snazzy stuff as mum puts it. You’ll feel like the raddest dude out there, steeze that bends the knees. Until you catch the eye of someone in the same jacket. Deep down you know each others dirty TK Maxx secret and you’ll slink off, catch an edge, falling into a nearby group of ski school kids. Smooth, real smooth.

Remember, what ever you are looking for there is always a deal to be done. Brand new kit is always high priced and will reduce if you just employ a little delayed gratification. Be patient and keep looking around, the solution will present itself without bankrupting you.

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