Gloves to keep you warm this winter

Ski Hacks: 13 Tips To Stay Warm Skiing This Winter

What is the tiny little problem on a ski holiday? It is cold. You may simply refuse to even entertain the idea of skiing as a holiday choice because it doesn’t fit the warm tropical picture that pops into your head. I can’t banish the cold for you, but there are a few handy tips to help you keep warm on your ski trip this winter.

13 Tips To Stay Warm On Your Ski Holiday

Hobo Gloves – Don’t invest in expensive ‘technical’ inner gloves. Buy a cheap cotton pair and do away with the finger tips. That way you can faff around on chair lifts without freezing your hands and they’re Iphone compatible too. Chop Chop.

One Pair of Socks – If you have invested in decent quality ski socks, one pair is enough. It sounds contradictory but multiple layers of socks will actually make your feet colder and you’re going to run into trouble with ski boot comfort.

Mind Over Matter – Think about something other than how cold you are. Enjoy the views, chat to your buddies or if it’s puking it down see how many snowflakes you can catch in your mouth. I don’t want to hear another word about your frostbitten toes.

gapergapTwat Gap Removal – You look terrible and it feels terrible. Can I suggest finding yourself some adult sized goggles to fill in that gap between helmet and goggles, plus you can also avoid an awkward forehead sun burn.

Boot Liners Removed – If you haven’t reached the dizzying heights of a boot heater in your apartment or chalet then its a good plan to whip the inner of your ski boot out each evening. Even if its not been a deep day its always nice to dry out the foot sweat.

The Bib-Pant – You don’t have to don the full one piece suit to keep the snow out. Consider the back in fashion bib add on to your ski pants.. You might even find extra pocket space on the bib for extras like hip flasks or an extra buff. As ski bum Scotty Naismith once put it:

“I always wear bib pants, they keep the snow out and help me get the optimum amount of bag”

The Helmet – Most people are wearing them these days, for style, warmth and safety. Put on a helmet and it keeps wind, snow and beer off with out getting soaked through. It will also negate the safety lecture that could go on for hours as to why you should be wearing a helmet.

Ski Boot Covers – I have only seen these once in my life and the owner was particularly proud of them. Ski boots are thermally insulated but if you are the sort of person that equips your dog with booties then you can do the same for your ski boots.

Team Warm Up – If you have a big day ahead gather the troops, instead of a morning beer try some stretches and warm up exercises.

You can probably check off a ‘squad goal’.

Thermals Underwear – Thermal base layers, they are warm, thermal in fact. Thermal (thûr′məl) – adj (General Physics) Also: thermic of, relating to, caused by, or generating heat or increased temperature.

Under Helmet Beanie – Park rats cottoned on to this years ago, probably from the excessive amount of standing around that comes with telling people how you “totally nailed that two sev’ on dude”. If you’re not warm enough with just the helmet put on a wooly hat under neath and simultaneously get rid of your gaper gap.

Ski bum beards are warm for skiingBoot heaters – Just buy some boot heaters and quit moaning about your cold toes. They’ll set you back a bit of moolah but it will save everyone else from hearing about the ‘frostbite’ you’ve definitely got.

Grow a beard
– It may look to the untrained eye that ski bums are too lazy to shave every morning and have decided to style it out with a mountain beard. You would be right too. It can’t be denied that there is warmth in those shaggy layers and with a snow beard some excellent proof of how big your pow day has been.




Got any of your own tips to stay warm, drop a comment below.

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