Ski Fitness: Easy Ways To Get Fit For Skiing At Home

If you are going on a week’s ski holiday this year you should really think hard about getting up off your mushy sofa and doing a little bit of ski fitness training before you go. You’ll be carrying out 6 days solid of physical exercise at altitude, so its not going to be fun if your wheezing through out.

It’s a good idea to concentrate any meagre motivation you have on the legs, give them a fighting chance of pulling you through the week without needing another holiday to recuperate.

Training will allow you to enjoy your ski holiday, enable you to ski further and hopefully reduce the aches and pains.

Stair Climbs:

The trusty staircase at home is a ready made ski trainer, it is a quick and accessible way to get the muscles working. Start running up and down the stairs for around ten minutes everyday. If your not regular to exercise you’ll certainly feel the benefits. Be careful, if you are not comfortable running then an energetic walk up and down will get the blood pumping. Don’t be lazy the rest of the time, take the stairs instead of the escalator.


Trampolines are an underrated exercise tool and they are perfect for ski fitness exercises. You may have used one as a kid, probably as a make-shift wrestling ring. Now you can put the one in your back yard to work. Get on there and bounce around, you’ll work up a sweat pretty quickly and its considerably enjoyable. Try 20 minutes of constant bouncing and you’ll be ripe for a rest. It’s beats thumping up an inclined tread mill and will have those thigh muscles locked and loaded ready for the moguls. If your planning some freestyle exploits in the snow park then throw in some spins and flips to learn the rotations (maybe have a friend to spot you for this).

ski fitness on a trampoline in Tignes


Dust of your idle mountain bike, pump up the soggy tyres and get pedalling. Again you can avoid a gym membership by literally getting on your bike. Theres a big wide world out there the hills, trees and lakes can be your gym. Perhaps cycle to and from work? You may think to yourself that it’s just too far, well maybe challenge yourself to do it 2 or 3 times a week you will feel a big difference. Your ski fitness regime will get those legs strong for the slopes.

Ski Fitness Yoga:

There are plethora of yoga tutorials on Youtube, maybe too many. So get cracking! A few minutes every morning will get you feeling bang-up for the day and it will improve your currently rigid flexibility and strength for skiing. It should help reduce those aches and pains. You can do some yoga before putting your boots on and shuffling to the lift on holiday, loosening you up for skiing. Done consistently it will improve your core strength and gain muscle elasticity, giving you increased balance and reduce the risk of injury.

Skiing and Snowboarding are physical pursuits so preparing for long days on the slopes is important. Help yourself, become fitter and stronger to help yourself enjoy a holiday and stay injury free.


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