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London Ski and Snowboard Show Review: Ideas, Technology and Products

Battersea Park has been the unlikely home to a Ski and Snowboard Show for the past two years. The London Ski and Snowboard Show is a giant that gets bigger and better every year.  It hosts a impressive 50 foot kicker that includes real snow and a Jibworx rail jam newly introduced this time around. I am a visitor to the show every October at the very least to show my support for the industry and meet faces old and new.

There are always new ideas, brand and product updates on offer and a wealth of British startups that are allowed to shine without being dwarfed by the international manufacturers.

For a country with extremely limited ski and snowboard options we sure have a lot to offer and definitely no lack of enthusiasm.

Summit Ski Goggles

Summit are a brand that particularly impressed with their new models for 2016, with no frills or gimmicks they let there product shine. They surprised with their very attractive price point, even without the extra £10 exclusive show discount. The Xpose two goggle rivals any of the big hitters in the optics world, with a simple interchangeable magnetic lens. Once in place it creates a sealed unit without any awkward techniques or clips to get the lens on and off.

Summit ski goggles at the London ski and snowboard show

The minimalistic mid size designed goggles leave little to complain about and the inclusion of a low light lens, hard case and lens case makes the £90 price point a bargain. Certainly when some manufactures will take over £100 of you for one lens and no case. The only thing missing is a complete black out lens, that’s just being fussy as the orange, blue and chrome options still look awesome.

Mojo Clothing

Mojo Clothing outerwear's The Shredder JacketIt was great to see the Mojo bespoke clothing brand with their new stock this year. Mojo showed their new technical outerwear they have on offer and I was stoked. It looked as good in person as it did online, which often isn’t the case. Their new jackets are smooth, soft and lightweight plus they have a real nice long fit, something I crave in a jacket to keep the snow at bay.

The Shredder Jacket is their highest spec piece of technical outerwear, with a quilted lining, snow skirt and incredibly smooth outer soft-shell, coming in at £170 is not bad and the slightly lower specs retail at under£150 making a reasonable price for a decent jacket.


Steep Video Game

Snow sports are crying out for a decent video game to play ever since SSX Tricky was completed and Steep promises to be spectacular. Jamming around on the beta test they brought to the exhibition did wet the appetite. The consoles available were without a break all weekend. The open world game allows you to ski, snowboard and wing suit around as you please. Take on some big mountains in Alaska or drop into a Red Bull competition without leaving your sofa.

Gameplay offers the ability to unclip and walk around, take hikes to a line you have scoped or slip and fall off a cliff. I spent a large proportion of my go trying fly the wing suit through the over flow tunnels of a reservoir dam, time well spent.

Ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends.

Make sure you don’t get lost in virtual reality and remember to pick up your skis for real when the sun does pop out.

Skee-tex and Dahu Ski Boots

Dahu ski boot from Skee-tex ski shopSkee-tex ski shop were showing off the new range of Dahu ski boots. Dahu are one of the companies leading the way in innovative ski boot design with their two part system and the boot is comprised of two main areas. The snow boot which is a comfortable design and they look a little like snowboard boots. The shell then holds the boot and clips into the biding. This design means you effectively have two boots in one. A comfortable snow boot to walk around town and a shell you can step in and out of. They call it an ‘Anywhere Boot.’

Traditional ski boots combining après-ski comfort with outer shell performance.

I often think ski equipment has a long way to go compared to other sports. Most sports have created easy, nimble, graceful gear whilst skiers are left clumsily scuffling around. We are busy accidentally injuring each other before even starting to ski. The Dahu boot is a move in the right direction and while I wouldn’t wear them myself some people will love them.

Ski and Snowboard Show

A good London Ski and Snowboard Show all round and plenty of things to look forward too or spend your cash on this season. The new Steep video game will delight on it’s 2017 release. Summit ski goggles should attract some attention with their design, double lens and affordability.

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