23 Times Jurassic Park Summed Up Your Emotions

23 Times Jurassic Park Summed Up Your Emotions On A Powder Day

Jurassic World came out and reignited everybody’s love of the Jurassic franchise. They are films of creation, revelation, shock, awe and a bit crazy. So, how does that compare to a skiers rollercoaster of emotion on a powder day.

1. When you wake up to an unexpected powder day

Unexpected powder day

2. Then you realise you have to work

Work on a powder day

3. Analysing the snow forecast

Snow forecast

4. Telling your girl you can’t ride with her today

No friends on a powder day

5. Feeling the snow canons from your chalet

Feeling snow canons

6. It’s half term and everyone is on it

Skiing at half term

7. That view from the gondola

View from the gondola

8. Checking everyone’s transceiver is working but you haven’t got any battery

Avalanche transceiver check

9. When you know the way to a secret spot

Know the way to the snow

10. And you find it

Finding the best ski blog

11. Getting to a line before the punters track it out

Being chased by skiers

12. When your buddies suggest an early morning hike

Early morning hike

13. And you commit to it

Long morning ski hike

14. But make it to the top

Making it to the top of a mountain

15. And you drop in

Dropping into the backcountry

16. Seeing your favourite drop from the lift

Seeing your favourite ski spot

17. When your buddies come to visit and it’s a powder day

Visiting resort on a powder day

18. The snow isn’t as good as it looks

The snow is crap to ski

19. But you all ready knew

All the gear, all the idea

20. Your new goggles are not actually anti fog

Broken anti fog goggles don't work

21. Telling others how deep the snow was

How deep the snow is

22. When someone at apres asks how good your day was and you have no words

chatting at apres ski

23. When a snowball fight breaks out  at the bar

Don't spill your drink

Its a powder day and you can’t wait to go skiing. Jurassic Park sums up you emotions through the day perfectly. See more lists.

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