A First Look Review of the Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boots

Full Tilt Drop Kick 2017 Ski Boot Review

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Full Tilt have reintroduced the Drop Kick range this year after a season off. The Full Tilt Drop Kick 2017 is a mid to soft flex light weight ski boot. It features a  3 piece design which is popular among all mountain freestyle skiers.

Full Tilt are a great option for skiers looking for something different in a boot. The old style race ski boot has been repurposed for freestyle and free-skiers. Some people will turn their nose up at this design but the Full Tilt brand has built a devout following with their lightweight functional ski boots.

I had a pair of the 2014 Full Tilt Drop Kick boots and was largely pleased with the results after two seasons of comfortable skiing and only a couple of minor repairs.

Full Tilt Drop Kick 2017 Fit

The Drop Kick is a snug boot. Brand new out of the box the plush intuition liners will take some wearing in, especially when combined with the 99 millimetre last (boot width). It is a slim boot so if you have broad feet maybe look at Full Tilt’s Descendant range that features a slightly wider boot.

One big thing to note about these ski boots are the sole lengths. They come up roughly 6-8 millimetres shorter than most brands. The 27.5 mondo size (UK 8.5) is 310mm rather than roughly 316mm. That may not seem a lot but you can certainly feel it. There is decent shape to the boot with some arch support although the lack of any footbed in the liner may require you to insert your own.inforound

I usually fit a 27.5 quite nicely so the Drop Kick certainly gives a snug fit, which will feel great once they are worn in. My mid set arch and minimal pronation sits very nicely in the boot and once flexed forward the boot feel comfortable despite the shell being a touch shorter than expected.

Full Tilt Drop Kick Aesthetics

These boots come in one colour a deep mint green with black tongue and decals. Full Tilt have done a good job here as they so often do. A bit more flair than the previous black and white Drop Kicks but not over board. The finish is clean and the shape is simple.

The Full Tilt Drop Kick Is Easy On The Eyes

The added finger hooks to the liner is welcome, just making it a bit easier to open up the boot or grab them in a rush. There are no bells and whistles floating about that could get broken. Three clips and power strap, so you won’t waste time trying to work out if you are in walk mode or ski mode.

Full Tilt Drop Kick Price

The price point on the Drop Kicks is really attractive, slightly more than the classic range. I believe it is due to a shock absorbing base board that is included. Some people feel that they can be a bit cheap and plastic has been used in places instead of metal. That might be true but it also makes them a lightweight option with decent performance for not a lot of money. Freeze Pro Shop retail them for around £285 which is a cracking price for a new boot.

Pizza or Ski Boot: Full Tilt Drop Kick.

Plus parts fairly cheap are easily replaceable. So how durable are they?

Full Tilt Drop Kick Durability

The previous pair I used came out shining in this topic. Despite plastic buckles, there were very few issues through two full on ski seasons in The Alps. Only one screw needed replacing. As mentioned above, people have complained about fallibility in this area but I have yet to see them, even after some carefree apres sessions.

Have A Closer Look At The Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boots

Full Tilt design their boots to be somewhat customisable, new parts are available at most retailers. Clips, cables and tongues are easy to replace. The shells will wear out after while if you are walking on concrete but you can prolong them by replacing the rubber heel piece.

Full Tilt Drop Kick Conclusion

Overall, they are a very good option for someone on a budget. A nice comfortable soft flex combined with a tight fit gives a great option for a creative free skier. Light weight features keep them easy to manoeuvre with and a rubber heel piece may just stop you from some embarrassing slip ups. They are snug, lightweight and easy going.

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