Faction Candide 2.0 Ski Review: Skis the whole mountain.

Faction Candide 2.0 Ski Review

A ski versatile enough to carve your Christmas turkey, slash open wrapping paper, and butter your boxing day sandwich.

There too many all mountain skis claiming to be a one quiver ski with fat waists, healthy rocker and low weight allowing you to ski fresh lines in the morning before heading over for park laps in the afternoon. The Faction Candide 2.0 sits resoundingly in this category and it excels.

Ski Review of the Faction Candide 2.0

On piste and easy skiing terrain the 2.0 goes full throttle no problem. Many piste cruisers wouldn’t match up the performance that these freeride style skis offer. They are stable, confidence inspiring and minimal chatter through the rocker thanks to a surprisingly stiff setup from Faction. Hard carves and boosting through rollers are a synch and fast enough bases get you back to the lift lines before most.

Over a full day in the back country the skis very rarely felt out of depth thanks to a bold tip rocker and 102mm underfoot. The 178cm model is nimble and playful amongst the trees whilst remaining stiff enough to ride out drops and crush through bomb holes with little effort. The -2.5cm mounting position, recommended by ‘Candide’, effectively centres the boot when tip rocker is taken into account. In this position they struggled when things got steep on open faces becoming a little unnerving at speed, but still manageable with a little coaxing.

Faction 2.0 Ski Review Park

The centre mount and mid length 178cm performed effortlessly in the park. Tip and tail rocker that soften out leave long butters in your mind, well into the evening downtime. Stiffness underfoot, certainly for a park ski, allows stability and confidence through rails and kickers and the width never felt like an issue. They did struggle once again in extreme examples particularly on the walls of the superpipe, you can hardly count that against these heavy hitters.

After two or three weeks riding the reliability was excellent. The edges still in near pristine condition once the burs had been removed. The side walls held up to aggressive park skiing, only a few cosmetic injuries to the top sheet, which was a surprise having seen many park specific skis take lumps out of themselves.

Faction 2.0 Ski Review Reliability

Brand new Faction Candide 2.0 Ski ReviewI have seen reliability issues with other pairs Faction skis, die cut parts of the base dropping out, top sheet de-lamination and a 3.0 snapping in half. Faction, to their credit, have honoured their warranty. I am pleased to say this pair of 2.0’s has had no such problems. I hope a new factory and tweaks for next season should get rid of any issues.

Overall, if I was packing for a short holiday with one pair of skis, the 2.0 would be my choice. Super fun off piste and can handle it all, long ski day’s on piste are livened up and if it’s getting slushy I can still put in a few park laps.

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