Best Skiing Apps: 7 Apps Every Skier Should Have

We know there is an app for everything these days, so why should skiing apps and snowboarding apps be any different.  There’s a whole host of technology that you can keep in your pocket during those long days on the slopes. Trackers, maps, games, editing software to name a few and collected here are seven phone  skiing apps that every skier needs in their armoury.

Edge Skiing App

Skiing and snowboarding edge tracking appA beautifully polished app that with great features to accompany you on the ski slopes. Edge Ski App offer real-time analytics including speed, descent and ascent distance, airtime – everything. The really cool thing is that you can share, compare and beat your friends on a leader board at the end of the day. Now, for us European skiers, data charges are a night mare. Fortunately, you can download maps and weather info when you have some WiFi and then let your GPS take over for the day.


Shredsauce freestyle skiing app The web browser freestyle skiing game has now been converted into an app for your phone. Pretty much the same game, but in smaller screen format. Hone your freestyle skills from anywhere. No snow around or sat on the plane to resort? Then pull out your phone or tablet and kill some time on rails and kickers. They have now introduced multiplayer mode and real life parks, including Les Deux Alps, so you can ride with you friends and show off the quad cork you’ve been working on.


Fatmap 3D terrain app skiing and hikingThis 3D mapping app is a must have for freeskiers. It lets you discover areas of the mountain that you might only ever see with a local or helicopter. Instantly access gradient, aspect and other crucial safety information from your phone. It’s even perfect for scoping out your lines whilst sat in the office on a Monday morning. FATMAP are now starting to introduce tracking so you can apply your stats to accurate mapping and relive your experience.


The GoPro App

Go Pro skiing app for editing and shooting skiing videos Always at the centre of action sports technology, you can view and edit your footage via WiFi enabled GoPros straight to your phone or tablet. Check out your media during a coffee or lunch stop to find out exactly what you have been filming with out the need to download the files on to your computer. Smash out your edits in no time, maybe you get sponsored if you post enough off them.


Instagram Instagram skiing app photos Eliot Prince

What is the point in skiing or snowboarding with out Instagram? How else are you going to show people what an amazing time you are having. We are all snapping away on our phones now, so make sure you have the only picture sharing app that really counts. Plus you can spend hours selecting the perfect filter during the evening down time.




Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks Skiing AppThe original top skiing app that calculates everything you do on the mountain using the GPS on your phone. No need for expensive data, pay the 79p and have fun. It will tell you your top speed, average speed, ascent, decent and how many runs you have done. Keen to know how far you have skied during the day? Yep it will tell you that too. Save your tracks and get season totals. And of course, see which of your group has the top speed for the day. She’s not the best looking out there, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts right?

Red Bull TV 

Red Bull Skiing AppThe Red Bull TV App is ready to provide you with buckets of inspiration. Find all the latest stunning videos from the worlds best skiers and snowboarders. They’ll have you day dreaming of deep powder, crushing spring park laps and heli drops. It gives you the ability to watch live events featuring top athletes from around the world. Find your inspiration in the world of Red Bull.

These skiing apps are a good places to start for all snow junkies. There are others out there if you want more technical information or weather updates but don’t forget to enjoy the mountains. The freedom and tranquillity is ready for you, so pick your head up out of your phone for at least a few minutes and embrace nature.




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